What is Detailing?

Detailing is the meticulous process of cleaning, correcting, rejuvenating, and maintaining an automobile, plane, boat, or any vehicle. It is utilizing the latest artistic skill, tools, equipment, and chemicals to maintain vehicles in the purest form of appreciation without replacing the core foundation.

Why does your pricing have a “Starting At” point?

Every vehicle is different and has been exposed to different environments. Our statement of "starting at" is based first on a vehicle that we feel is within "normal" condition. The factors that determine your specific price are the package you select, the size of your vehicle, and your vehicle's current condition. It takes less time to detail a two-door Fiat™ than it does a Yukon™ Xl, so size does matter. You can detail two identical vehicles with the same package selected for both but the two vehicles can be in totally different conditions. Therefore, we will have to invest more labor hours, more supplies and chemicals to rejuvenate the worst-condition vehicle, resulting in a higher rate.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of removing optical imperfections within the paint’s clear-coat due to minor scrapes, marring, scratches and swirls that have not etched too deeply into the clear-coat and into the base-coat. We can use a combination of equipment, tools, supplies, and techniques to achieve a “like new” appearance. This process does not correct dents, dings, deep scratches and/or paint chips.

Why do you charge extra for pet hair?

Pet hair is very difficult to remove. The individual hairs become trapped in the carpet by intertwining with the carpet fibers. Through intense labor and use of special tools, most of the pet hair can be removed. It’s important to recognize that the individual hairs often become trapped and that’s why simple vacuuming doesn’t remove the hair. Just like the old extension wires or Christmas lights that become entangled. You can’t just pull them apart; that only makes the knot tighter. The same rule applies when you try to vacuum the hair. The tools we have will free the majority of the pet hair through intense labor. Therefore, yielding an additional cost based on severity.

What form of payment do you accept?

Cash and all major debit and credit cards. For our repeat customers and corporate partners, we accept checks as well.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the Washington, DC Metro area but we may charge extra for locations far from our base of operation.

Why does it appear that mobile detailing prices are slightly higher than a fixed location’s pricing?

With a fixed location, you bring your vehicle to the shop. When they are finished with one vehicle, they can start on the next. Creating an opportunity to be very efficient with their time. But you the customer have to wait or find a way to leave and come back to retrieve your vehicle. Because we come to you. We are investing in the time it takes to get to your location, setup, perform the task, finalize the transaction, and pack up. Therefore, a great deal of time is invested in the convenience our mobile unit provides to perform the detailing services at your address specified.

What's the difference between waxes and paint sealants?

Waxes are typically "carnauba" based. Carnauba is a protective substance that forms naturally on leaves of the palm Coprnicia prunifera and grow only in the northeastern Brazilian states. Waxes produce a more depth type of shine. They typically only last about 2 to 3 months.

Sealants are man made and are typically made with polymer based property or similar. They bond to the paint and last much longer than typical waxes. They can also offer more of a "glossy" shine. Most sealants can last from 6 months to a year.