Karen F. (Huntington, MD)

This is THE best detailing company!! James is professional, courteous and is just so nice. He took my call and called back within the hour with a time for same day service. They cleaned a commercial service truck that had seen better days. We are having him back to detail three more vehicles. Best of all, they come to you. It's the easiest task I've had all day. You will be very happy!

Tiffany P. (Upper Marlboro, MD)

I bought my car in 2010 and have not ever had it washed (don't judge me!) Anyway, it seriously needed to be cleaned and I had no idea where to go so I just googled it and came upon Ultimate Performance Detailing. From the very beginning John (owner and CEO) was great. Customer service was top notch. My car looks amazing!!! His team removed stains and dirt and marks on my car that I never thought would come out! It looks better than I could have ever hoped for. His prices were more than reasonable. I was impressed from beginning to end. I will definitely call him again...and I won't wait 5 years to do it! Thanks James!

P.J.M. (Bowie, MD)

UPD detailed my Hyundai Sonata. Having the car detailed was a buy product. I lost my wedding ring and hired UPD for the extensive interior vacuuming/cleaning package. I didn't want to pay the high labor cost of having the driver's seat removed and reinstalled. After many conversations and Mr. Watt's expertise, we settled in on the service package best suited for my needs. UPD came to my home prepared, was on time, and confirmed the services we discussed on the phone. UPD is a stationary car wash on wheels!
The job took about three hours from start to finish. Once done, the car looked better than it did when I purchased it two years ago. The inside, as well as the outside, was spotless - even the cup holders were shiny. Over a week later, and the car is still looking fabulous - inside and out. Unlike other washes, the product used to make the dash and cup holders shine, isn't attracting dust or finger prints. Previous cleanings didn't garner the lasting cleanliness like UPD's. Oh, and UPD found my ring!!! I highly recommend Ultimate Performance Detailing. I plan to use them for maintenance washes.

Wooten R. (Upper Marlboro, MD)

UPD came to my home and detailed my SUV. They were on time, very informative. Before starting the work they verified what I wanted, areas of concern to me and recommended the service/package that best met my needs. It took about 4 hours but it was worth it. They took the time to explain how scratches can be removed, odor removal (ozone), using steam, wax vs. sealants vs coatings, claying and a host of other things I can barely remember. It's great to see a new business so technical and passionate about their line of business. I'll be calling them back to do my Porsche and my Lexus soon!! Great job guys!

Chanel E. (Upper Marlboro, MD)

My three year old son has almost destroyed my car (fruit loops, cheerios, goldfish, milk, various crumbs and food particles, etc were everywhere, not excluding fingerprints on the windows and stains) and he got sick and projectile vomited in my car, no less. I cleaned up as much as I could, but it still had that "puke" smell, so I decided to hand this job over to the professionals.
James and his team did an amazing job! I called him this morning, and he gave me a time of 1pm, and got there at 12:40 pm today. Friendly customer service, he accepts all major credit cards, and they did a great job. I would definitely recommend UPD for your auto detailing needs.
Awesome, awesome work guys. Thank you!