Protect Your Paint for Years With a Ceramic Coating

Investing in your ride has never been easier

Applying a ceramic coating to your car's exterior not only restores the luster, but it also provides you with guaranteed protection from road debris, tree sap and other factors that could damage the paint. Enjoy an exterior that will look great for years. Choose Ultimate Performance Detailing for ceramic coating application services.

We also offer interior and exterior auto detailing services. Get a free consultation at once for ceramic coating from Ultimate Performance Detailing.

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Rejuvenate your car's showroom shine and prevent the elements from causing damage with ceramic coating services from Ultimate Performance Detailing, LLC. We can enhance your ride with:

Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl -
This hydrophobic coating with concentrated UV absorbers protects leather seats and dashboards from premature aging and cracking.

Opti-Guard Fabric -
This coating protects fabric seats, carpets, fabric convertible tops and other textile surfaces by repelling water.

Opti-Glass Pro -
This creates a super hydrophobic film that provides long-term protection to silica-based surfaces.

Opti-Lens -
This contains high-levels of UV blockers to protect your headlights and reduce future fading.

Opti-Trim Restore -
This hybrid-resin coating contains a special additive to restore faded and oxidized trim.

Opti-Trip Protect -
This clear hybrid-resin coating maintains the factory appearance of plastic trim by protecting it from UV damage.

Ceramic Pro -
This permanent nano-ceramic coating protects your paint from scratches, graffiti, dirt and premature oxidation. Because the coating can only be removed using a machine polish, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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